Now find "As Good As Mother's" Seasoned Flour in Jewel food stores, Chicago and surrounding suburbs ... Pete's Produce on 87th & Stony Island, and 87th and Loomis ... Dixmoor Fruit, Sibley & Dixie Highway ... Discount Meats, 79th and Vincennes ... Rose Bud Farm Fruit Stand on 130th and Indiana ... and Eat-N-Run Restaurant at 209 W. 95th Street


Please read some of the Testimonials on our As Good As Mother's Seasoned Flour.
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"AGAM has excellent taste. . . . No additional seasoning needed . . . . . perfect every time with no mistakes . . . you can't go wrong with AGAM . . . same great taste every time."
Bernice Wright
Maywood, IL
"AGAM is really good . . . seasoned to perfection . . . needs no added seasoning ... Fish or chicken comes out perfect every time . . .  it's just great . . . I didn't eat fish until I tasted some cooked with AGAM . . . makes excellent gravy."
Dorothy Long
Calumet City, IL
"I love the fish AGAM seasoned flour . . . it's a great product . . . it's wonderful!"

Blue Island, IL

"Once you taste it, go to the kitchen to see if your mother's there . . . it's as good as mother makes!" 
Blue Island, IL
"AGAM turns a bad cook into a good cook . . . A must have in the kitchen . . . Love to cook with AGAM . . . No need for other ingredients . . . saves on cooking time . . . same great taste every time for food as good as mother's . . . adds great taste to many of my recipes that call for flour."
Fran Porter
Washington, DC
"I'm a 50+ year old woman and I've been cooking with AGAM for 10 years . . . I moved to Chicago from Louisiana and was introduced to AGAM seasoned flour by a friend and now I can't do without it."
Diana Brooks
Chicago, IL
"I use to purchase chicken from Eat-N-Run Restaurant until I moved out of town . . . We moved back to Chicago and a friend introduced us to AGAM seasoned flour . . . My wife has been using it every since . . . she says the taste is really as good as mother's and the fish seasoning is The Bomb."
Markam, IL
"This is a great product!  I used some of the AGAM flour to season my fries and the taste was like no other.  The flour really simplifies cooking and saves me loads of money and time.  A must have for every household!"
Rashadd Hines
Chicago, IL
"I hate to take the credit for having perfect chicken and fish every time.  As Good As Mother's is great!  Everyone asks "what did you use?"  I had to confess because if you want perfect chicken and fish, EVERY TIME, you should use AS GOOD AS MOTHER'S FLOUR.  IT CAN BE FOUND IN STORES AND ON THE INTERNET.  I NEVER RUN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have also used it for pork chops and steak (my gravy tastes perfect every time!) No additional seasoning is ever needed!"
Deidre Long
Lynwood, IL
"We sell AGAM seasoning flour in our store along with many others.  We can't afford to be without of it.  AGAM seasoning flour it's the best."
Discount Meats
Chicago, IL
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